d e l l a r i a


Do you not want to be my friend anymore because I gained so much weight? Am I embarrassing to you now?
4 AM thoughts

Tonight I lay crying in my bed, both roommates sound asleep and unknowing of my pain. While nights like these are common, they are disturbingly happening more often, and I’m starting to fear this will become a daily norm. Why am I alone? It’s true that all of these romantic comedies and tv dramas may be getting to my head, but I can’t help but watch characters lives unfold, or see two strangers fall in love, and not feel atleast a little sad. Is there something wrong with me? I watch my roommate cuddle up to her boyfriend every weekend and can’t help but feel the slightest bit of jealousy. I yearn for that everyday. 20 years alone and I am becoming doubtful. I’ve waisted my teenage years; while friends dated and gained experience, I sat at home. True, I am to blame for never approaching people, but I still wonder why no one has ever approached me? Am I too ugly, or fat, or awkward. Or all of the above? Being unwanted is an indescribable feeling. Every night I pray to God and ask him what his plans are for me. Pray that I will somehow find someone, and have the kind of love that I’ve always dreamed about. As a hopeless romantic, I can’t help but crave that movie ending. It may be fiction, but I believe down to my very core that people find that kind of love and happiness everyday. When will that scene play out for me? Will it ever? Or will I just live my life empty and alone, just like I have been for the past 20 years. What a scary thought.




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She really is extremelly powerful